Barbour for Governor releases “John Arthur Eaves: Wrong for Mississippi” – Eaves sued the Navy for conducting training exercises vital to the safety of our troops; Eaves flew to Europe to help foreigners sue the U.S. Marine Corps

JACKSON (October 3, 2007) – The Barbour for Governor campaign released its latest commercial entitled “John Arthur Eaves: Wrong For Mississippi” in response to Eaves’ reckless and false allegations in his recent commercials.

“Make some money? Sue America’s military. Run for Governor? Make reckless, false allegations. Mr. Eaves will do or say anything to get what he wants, no matter what the facts are,” said Brian Perry, spokesman for Barbour for Governor.

A script and fact sheet follows below and the commercial can be viewed online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGLOGhJ2vkc


NARRATOR: What’s wrong with John Arthur Eaves?

GRAPHIC: WHAT’S WRONG with John Arthur EAVES? (picture of Eaves)

NARRATOR: He’s attacking Governor Barbour with reckless, false allegations …

GRAPHIC: FALSE Allegations (Eaves pictured, scrolling ad from Eaves campaign)

FACT: For a description of these reckless, false allegations, see these fact sheets:

1) “Learn the Truth About Eaves’ Attacks – Barbour for Governor sends Eaves back to the carwash”: http://www.haleybarbour.com/factsoneavesattack.html

2) “The Eaves Plan: False Attacks – John Arthur Eaves, Jr. has nothing to offer but misleading, false, negative attacks”: http://www.haleybarbour.com/factsoneavesattack.html

NARRATOR: … but that’s John Arthur Eaves.

GRAPHIC: That’s John Arthur Eaves.

NARRATOR: He’s repeatedly sued America’s military for personal financial gain.

GRAPHIC: Eaves: Suing the Military for Personal Gain

NARRATOR: Eaves sued the Navy for conducting training exercises vital to the safety of our troops.


The Miami Herald: ” …bombarding the Navy with lawsuits.” 6/18/00

FACT: John Arthur Eaves, Jr. opened an office on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques to field plaintiffs for his $100+ million lawsuit against the United States Navy. – Reference, Associated Press, 6/16/2000

FACT: Eaves’ lawsuit endangered our troops by condemning one of the few “ideal” military training facilities worldwide where soldiers could prepare a “trifecta of military maneuvers” by being able to practice simultaneous procedures for air, land, and water combat. -Reference, Associated Press, 6/15/2001

FACT: Of the lawsuit he waged against our military, Eaves said, “I think $100 million may turn out to be at the lower end of what we might get from the navy.” – Reference, Sunday Herald, 2/4/2001

NARRATOR: Eaves even went to Europe, helping foreigners sue the U.S. Marines.


Greenwood Commonwealth: “Eaves sued the Marine Corps.” 2/14/07

FACT: Eaves, siding with foreigners, led a lawsuit against a United States Marine Corp pilot in 1999. In this litigation, Eaves sought the conviction of an American military captain, along with a sentence of 206 years in prison. A jury acquitted the pilot of all charges, and of this ruling, Eaves – with his plaintiffs – said there is “no justice in the world.” – Reference, Associated Press, 3/4/99

NARRATOR: Suing our military, falsely attacking our Governor, no positive vision.

FLASHING GRAPHICS: Suing our military. Falsely attacking our Governor. No Positive Vision.

NARRATOR: John Arthur Eaves, wrong for Mississippi.

END GRAPHIC: John Arthur Eaves, WRONG for Mississippi

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