Governor Phil Bryant Adjusts Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

Gov. Phil Bryant announced today that he has adjusted the state budget for fiscal year 2017.

“I am adjusting the budget for fiscal year 2017 to correct an accounting error that was discovered after the regular legislative session ended,” Gov. Bryant said. “This represents an overall adjustment of less than 1 percent to the state’s $5.8 billion budget. It is the governor’s statutory responsibility to balance Mississippi’s budget. I will uphold that duty.

“It is important to remember that general fund spending has increased 26 percent, five times the rate of inflation, the last four years. That kind of growth over such a short period of time is simply unsustainable. To address this, the Legislature has assembled a bipartisan panel, led by Speaker Philip Gunn and Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, that is already working to enact meaningful reform. Together, we will ensure that taxpayer dollars pay only for those services and programs that have clear benefits for Mississippians.”

Other than those bound by court orders or statutory exemptions, agencies not subject to the adjustment are the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, Financial Aid, Military and Veterans Affairs.

Gov. Phil Bryant Press Release