JACKSON — Gov. Phil Bryant commends the Legislature for passing bills that aim to create jobs and cultivate energy opportunities. The passage of bills that aid youth and children, reform illegal immigration laws and improve efficiency in government have also progressed in the 2012 Legislative session.

“We are moving Mississippi forward,” Gov. Phil Bryant said. “I am grateful to our House and Senate for advancing these issues that will improve the quality of life in our state. We need to continue to work to grow our economy and provide opportunities for our youth, and these bills ensure we are laying the foundation for a better Mississippi.”

Both the House and Senate have approved components of Bryant’s “Mississippi Works” agenda, which outlines ways to enhance job growth in Mississippi. One portion of the package calls for dual enrollment programs that allow potential high school dropouts to complete diploma requirements while learning a particular trade through workforce training programs. The initiative was passed through House Bill 864 and Senate Bill 2792.

Another element of Bryant’s “Mississippi Works” agenda, The Energy Sustainability and Development Act of 2012, is also moving forward. The House approved House Bill 1330, which aims to expand Mississippi’s economy through the creation of energy jobs, diversified energy development and increased energy research. Mississippi has become well-known for its pro-energy climate, and Bryant said he wants to capitalize on this industry.

“The energy economy will drive Mississippi’s future, so we must have an ‘all of the above’ strategy that will increase energy development and create valuable, needed jobs for our citizens,” Bryant said.

Further Progress on Bryant’s Key Initiatives:

• The Smart Budget Act (House Bill 975) passed the House and will authorize a study committee to evaluate and implement performance-based budgeting in Mississippi.

• The passage of House Bill 488 gives law enforcement officers the authority to enforce laws that regulate illegal immigration by requiring proof of residency when reasonable doubt exits. The measure does not prevent organizations from providing basic human services—such as meals and shelter for the needy—to persons who may be in Mississippi illegally.

• The Mississippi Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act passed both the House(House Bill 1186) and the Senate (Senate Bill 2398) and ensures that government regulations are not unduly burdensome to small businesses.

• Efficiency measures have passed both chambers in the form of shared statewide IT services (House Bill 1450 and Senate Bill 2748). The House additionally adopted Bryant’s state of the state call for consolidation of back-office functions into central county offices (House Bill 838).

• Children suffering from Dyslexia will now have more flexibility to attend a school that provides specialized Dyslexia treatment thanks to the passage of House Bill1031. House Bill 1032 establishes a scholarship program for university students who wish to pursue certification as Dyslexia specialists.

Gov Phil Bryant Press Release