Grading the Giants
Yesterday I gave the evaluations of the Giants draft class from the guys at Scouts, Inc. Today I’ll give you the grade on their draft. First, I’ll grade them myself, then I’ll give you Mel Kiper Jr.’s grade. Before I do this, let me give a disclaimer. It’s kind of silly to assign draft grades two days after the draft took place, long before the season is even played out. For example, how many people would have given the Giants an A after last year’s draft? I’m guessing not many people. But at the end of the season, the consensus was that Big Blue had one of the most productive drafts in recent history. So I know that it’s better to assign draft grades on February 28 rather than April 28. But it’s still fun to do, and it gets people talking. So here is the April 28 draft grade for the New York Giants: