LLOYD GRAY: Voters get to provide the answers

The following, while certainly not out of the question, would rate as upsets of a sort:

1) A Hewes victory.

2) A Republican gubernatorial runoff.

3) A Luckett win.

All are possible. So is a statewide Republican primary that outdraws the Democrats for the first time.

The Hewes-Reeves race constitutes a reversal of the old formula in Mississippi, where winning the Democratic primary, as they used to say, was “tantamount to election.” There were no Republicans on the November ballot for the better part of the 20th century and then when they started to appear, their chances of winning initially were about as good as the Reform Party today.

That’s all the Hewes-Reeves winner will have to worry about in the general election – a Reform Party candidate. This primary is “tantamount to election.”

Lloyd Gray