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The reason I have chosen to retire is, I simply can’t take any more of the dictator leadership of Carolyn McAdams. Carolyn McAdams has no law enforcement experience, but she wants to make law enforcement decisions – decisions that are so close to being illegal that there is no gray area.

I only have a high school education, but the difference is, it was a Greenwood Public School high school education. I graduated with excellence in English and English literature. I read, and I comprehend what I read. That’s whether I’m reading the back of a BC powder, or a city policy.

There is an evilness about this leadership like I’ve never seen. An evilness that seems to be orchestrated from another source. An evilness that took some person to go to a major university and major in Evilness and Wickedness 101.

Carolyn McAdams will use you and throw you to the side like an empty beer can on a hot Saturday night. She’s anti-police and is determined on dismantling the Greenwood Police Department. When it comes to the Greenwood Police Department, her philosophy is, Guilty until Proven Innocent.

I’ll leave you with these words: anti-christ, Beelzebub, deceiver, destroyer, liar, seven heads and ten horns on Satan, the Devil himself. That’s the Carolyn McAdams I know!

Have a good day.