Today, an information was filed in Hinds County Court regarding Greg Brand. In the information, it lists that Greg Brand was the individual that funded anonymous mailers on primary election eve in 2015.

Greg Brand Information on campaign finance violations by yallpolitics on Scribd

Just as background, you’ll remember that anonymous mailers went out in Madison County portraying Mayor Mary Hawkins as a puppeteer. Delbert Hosemann cried foul and got Jim Hood to execute a search warrant on the mailhouse that did the print/mail work. As Kingfish recalls, Anonymous Doe filed suit against Phil Bryant, Delbert Hosemann and Jim Hood in federal court asking for an injunction against the investigation and vaguely claimed free speech arguments.

Apparently, the work that came from the investigation has now resulted in Brand’s being named in misdemeanor charges stemming from that supervisor mailer and one more targeting Hawkins-Butler in her race against State Auditor Stacey Pickering.