This morning, Greg Davis expressed his concern that the United States Congress has adjourned as the energy crisis rages on. While key democratic leaders vote to close session and head to their home states, Republican leaders are calling for a Special Session to convene as soon as possible.
Davis said, “I am disappointed, but not surprised, at the refusal of Nancy Pelosi and her fellow democrats to allow an “up or down” vote on the increase of domestic drilling and oil production.” “We’re paying more at the pump than ever before, and this increase, in most cases, is being passed on to the consumer. It seems when the going gets tough, congress goes on vacation”.
Davis released a simple but effective energy plan on July 17, 2008. This plan included removing restrictions on offshore drilling as well as other steps to increase domestic oil production. In addition, Davis supports temporarily suspending the federal gas tax which would provide immediate relief at the pump.
“The cries for help from the First District are falling on deaf ears as Congressman Childers refuses to support domestic offshore drilling efforts,” Davis stated. A recent Zogby Poll indicates some 74% support off shore drilling in U.S. coastal waters. Davis also stated, “It appears Childers is more concerned with the liberal agenda of the Democratic Party than the needs of the First District. We need someone in congress who truly represents the district, unlike Childers who continues to walk the party line”.
During his short time in D.C., Congressman Childers has demonstrated his loyalty to Speaker Pelosi and the democratic leadership while ignoring the needs of the First District of Mississippi by:

•Voting AGAINST debate on any measure that would reduce gas prices (H.R. 6056), (H.R.5540)
•Voting AGAINST oil exploration in ANWR (S. Con Res.70)
•Voting AGAINST the “No More Excuses Energy Act”, (H.R. 6003)

“Since being elected to congress in the May Special Election, Childers has voted with Nancy Pelosi and supported her efforts to continue dependence on foreign oil. In doing that, he has turned his back on the entire district when he had a real opportunity to help,” Davis said in closing.

Greg Davis Campaign Release