GREGG ELLIS:Bulldogs out to prove in ’08 that they are no Cinderella

Sylvester Croom doesn’t want the success of last season to be defined as a one-year wonder.
Nor does he expect that to be the case.
It was a year, he said, that was a major step forward in the rebuilding process.
The key now, though, is sustaining the grid-iron accomplishments and raising the expectation levels to new and greater heights. Reverting back to the losing ways of those down-trodden seasons, well that’s just not an option.
And that’s evident in his goals.
A winning season and garnering a mid-level bowl bid are no longer the top objectives for Mississippi State. Now, it’s much, much more.
And rightfully so.
Conference titles and BCS bowls, that’s where the sights are set.