GREGG ELLIS:Eager to build on successes – MSU
Players and coaches alike have heard it repeatedly:

– You’ll now be faced with expectations.

– You won’t be sneaking up on anyone this time around.
Yeah, yeah, they’ll tell you. So what.
It’s all part of the process that’s rebuilding, and last year Mississippi State raised the scaffolds much higher than anyone ever anticipated.
Yet, the construction work isn’t completed.
A week from today, the Bulldogs will put on their hard hats and bring their lunch pails to the building site that’s more commonly known as the practice fields.
And unlike this time year ago, they’ll begin work with much higher expectations – from fans, as well as their foes.
Hey, an 8-5 ledger capped with a Liberty Bowl victory only whet the appetite for the Maroon & White family.
It did the same for Sylvester Croom, too.