Yesterday, I asked an Obama administration official tough questions about ObamaCare’s impact on families.

You see, in the official’s remarks, she claimed – and I paraphrase: “There is growing evidence that these reforms are working for the entire system…keeping costs low…for consumers…shopping for coverage in the private health insurance market.”

This isn’t true for folks in Mississippi like Forrest Collier. Just last week, Forrest emailed me to say that his family’s health care premiums increased from roughly $8,000 last year to nearly $19,000 this year. Let me repeat that. A family in Ridgeland, Miss., has seen their premiums jump from $8,000 to $19,000 a year.

Not only does this limit Forrest’s ability to provide for his family, but this rate shock has also kept the Colliers from doing the things that they enjoy most. In Forrest’s words, “ObamaCare is a train wreck and is having a huge impact on working families.”

He’s right. And this is not what Mississippi families were promised.

The American people were promised – time and again – that working families would see a $2,500 drop in premiums. How can the administration claim that ObamaCare is “keeping costs low” when Mr. Collier’s testimonial proves otherwise?

God Bless,

Gregg Harper
Member of Congress