Gregg Harper starts Leadership PAC, despite 5 months in office

There was a time when it was considered poor form for a freshman Member to open a leadership political action committee immediately after being elected. And opening one before being elected was almost unheard of.

But it seems like those days have gone the way of the three-martini lunch.

Five months into the 111th Congress, the newest Members of the House have been particularly active in starting leadership PACs.

According to a search of Federal Election Commission filings, five Members who were elected in November already have their own leadership committees. That’s up from just two freshmen who had them at the same point of the 110th Congress.

The five freshmen who have already opened committees include four Republicans — Reps. Gregg Harper (Miss.), Duncan Hunter (Calif.), Tom McClintock (Calif.) and Aaron Schock (Ill.) — as well as Democratic Rep. Glenn Nye (Va.).