Dear Friend,

House Republicans unveiled the fiscal year 2013 budget today which aims to reform and modernize government through real spending discipline and restored economic freedom.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity cuts spending by $5 trillion relative to the president’s budget, prevents the White House’s proposed tax increases and reduces deficits by $3 trillion compared to the Obama administration’s financial plan. The blueprint also trims the federal debt by placing the budget on a path to being balanced and shrinks the size of government to 20 percent of the economy by 2015, allowing the private sector to grow and create jobs.

This proposal also unlocks American energy production to help lower gas prices and repeals the president’s health law so that Congress can advance bipartisan reforms that strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. Sticking to a longtime GOP principle, this resolution prioritizes national security spending.

I refuse to ignore my responsibility to govern within our means. Let me be clear, Congress must pass this budget which builds upon a bipartisan consensus for principled solutions.

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God bless,
Gregg Harper