House Admin. Committee reports $342K in discrimination and harassment payouts from 2008 to 2012

Between 2008 and 2012, more than $342,000 in taxpayer funds have been paid to settle discrimination and harassment complaints involving members of the House, the chairman of the House Administration Committee said Tuesday.

Included in that larger total was $115,000 for sexual harassment and harassment because of retaliation claims, according to the statement released by Rep. Gregg Harper, the Mississippi Republican who chairs the House Administration Committee.

Harper gave a breakdown of sexual harassment-related payments relating to members of Congress after a public backlash to reports about a special Treasury fund that’s paid the victims.

“One case of sexual harassment is one case too many. We must create a culture within our Capitol Hill community that instills in every employee and employer, new and old, that there is no place for sexual harassment in the halls of Congress,” Harper said.

Clarion Ledger