Ground Zero Mosque Debate Makes Its Way To Mississippi

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), who has his own difficult re-election this year, noticeably broke with the president today making the debate an even bigger story. I have read a Sense of the Senate opposing the mosque will pass in September.

Fourth District candidate Steven Palazzo is the first Mississippian to weigh in on the issue, denouncing the president’s support. Palazzo said: “President Obama’s opinions on this subject reflect the disillusionment of the White House and the Democratic Party. His comments cast doubt on his commitment of loyalty to the 3,000 victims and heroes killed by Muslim extremists on 9/11 and to the armed forces who are still fighting a two-front War on Terrorism as a result of the attacks on 9/11…This is an emotionally-charged issue dear to all Americans, and while I respect the Muslims’ right to worship, I think that building a Mosque on Ground Zero hits just a little too close to home.”

Majority in Miss.
Aug. 17