Guam legislators peeved Mabus snubbed them

In a letter to Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, Senator Frank Blas, Jr. expresses his concerns that while Mabus was on Guam earlier this week “meeting with military leaders and government officials about the military buildup,” he did not meet with members of the legislature. Blas Jr. plans to include Vice Speaker BJ Cruz as co-author of the letter and will circulate the final version of the letter to all senators for their signatures as well.

While Secretary Mabus was on Guam, Blas, Jr. attempted to schedule appointments to meet with Mabus, but his efforts yielded no results.

While the letter is still in its final stages of preparation, Guam News Factor spoke with Senator Blas, Jr. to uncover the letter’s message.

Guam News

Blas, Jr. is dissatisfied with the Secretary of the Navy’s neglect to meet with Guam’s elected officials, especially since Mabus met with members of the Guam Chamber of Commerce.

“When are the concerns that the people have with regard to the buildup going to be addressed? When are the concerns the people have with regard to unresolved issues going to be addressed, before another mandate is forced upon us? These are issues we have been waiting to discuss,” Blas, Jr. said.