Teacher faces more sex charges

More charges were levied Wednesday against a former North Gulfport 7th & 8th Grade School teacher accused of having sex with two students.

In the continuing investigation, police said Katryna Martin, 27, was arrested and charged Wednesday with one count of molestation and one count of sexual battery for allegedly having sexual relations with a 15-year-old male student in January 2007. On March 4, Martin was charged with one count of statutory rape for allegedly having intercourse with the same student at her home in July 2008.

Martin was first arrested Feb. 13 at a gas station and charged with molestation and sexual battery involving a 14-year-old girl whom Martin was tutoring at her home, police said. At the time of that arrest, Martin lost her job as a basketball coach and science teacher, as school officials said the law prevents them from allowing her on the premises because of the felony charges.

Sun Herald 4/16/9