Roger Wicker point man for Egypt lobbyists working against pro-democracy resolution

WASHINGTON — Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Tupelo, was the main contact for a group of lobbyists working for the Egyptian government to kill a resolution calling for democratic reforms in that country, according to a new report.

The office of Wicker, who media reports have blamed for helping to derail the pro-democracy resolution, was contacted 20 times by the Livingston Group after the measure was introduced last summer, a report released Wednesday by the Washington-based Sunlight Foundation found.

No other senator came close to that number of interactions with the lobbying group for Egypt. No. 2 on the list had only half as many contacts with the Livingston Group, the report said.

Wicker spokesman Rick Curtsinger said the senator didn’t kill the resolution, but merely asked for it to be slowed down so he could have more time to consider it. That action was not related to the $800 million contract a Pascagoula shipyard won to build vessels for the Egyptian Navy, Curtsinger said.

In a written statement, Wicker described his contact with lobbyists for Egypt as merely part of an educational effort that included resolution supporters and opponents alike.