Gun Owners of America Endorses McDaniel for U.S. Senate

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund endorsed Republican candidate Chris McDaniel in his campaign for U.S. Senate today.

“Larry Pratt and Tim Macy are two of the nation’s top defenders of Second Amendment rights, and I could not be more please to have their support,” said McDaniel. “The threat from Washington, D.C. to our God-given right to bear arms is a real one, and I’m proud to stand with GOA in the fight to defend the rights of the people.”

“It’s good to know that we have men like Chris McDaniel running for US Senate. He is a strong leader and stalwart defender of the Second Amendment,” said Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America.

“During his time in the Mississippi State Senate he sponsored and co sponsored numerous pieces of pro-gun legislation, and we can count on him to do the same in Washington,” Pratt concluded.

“When it comes to no compromise pro-gun candidates, Chris McDaniel proudly stands in the top tier of successful leaders,” added Tim Macy, Vice Chairman of GOA.

Widely considered to be among the staunchest defenders of gun rights, Gun Owners of America is dedicated to restoring the Second Amendment and representing the views of gun owners whenever their rights are threatened.

Chris McDaniel is a constitutional conservative running for United States Senate. He represents District 42 in the Mississippi State Senate in his second term where he fights for individual liberty, free markets and fiscal responsibility in government.

Chris McDaniel Campaign Release