Original House Charter School Bill Conference Report Adopted

Speaker of the House Philip Gunn and members of the Mississippi House of Representatives today adopted the conference report for House Bill 369 or the “Mississippi Public Charter Schools Act of 2013.” The conference report is in fact the original House bill members passed in January after 10 hours of debate.
The House bill allows the set-up of charter schools in D- and F-rated school districts without approval from the state authorizing board. A-, B- and C-rated districts have the power to veto a charter school moving into the district.

“The passage of charter school legislation is a great achievement for the House and the State of Mississippi,” said Speaker of the House Philip Gunn. “Last night, the Senate signed a conference report that was the original House charter school bill passed earlier in the session.

“Governing is about compromise,” he continued. “It is about getting the best product while maintaining the majority of votes. We have accomplished that in the House this session, and that is what we will continue to do. I thank the Lt. Governor and the Senate for working with us to pass this bill and enact the other meaningful education reforms this session.”

Speaker Gunn’s passion for education reform is not limited to charter school legislation.

“As I have said before, charter schools are only one tool in the tool kit,” said Speaker Gunn. “We have passed other meaningful pieces of legislation that will impact every child in public schools in Mississippi, such as the third grade reading gate and making sure that we are rewarding teachers who perform above and beyond their call of duty.”

Speaker Philip Gunn