Hot-headed Perkins shows ignorance

It’s probably expecting too much, but it certainly would be nice if state Rep. Willie Perkins were to know what he’s talking about before he starts talking.

Perkins was not just insulting but incorrect in delivering one of his typically hot-headed, race-baiting diatribes at the Greenwood Voters League Wednesday.

It’s not enough for Perkins to threaten the continued existence of the city’s tourism efforts, to speak disparagingly of the elderly residents of an assisted care facility and to call the 52-year-old editor of this newspaper a “boy.”

This time he had to try to humiliate black children who are enrolled at predominantly white Pillow Academy.

“Let me say this, too, because some things are just disturbing when I look and I see a few little black kids in the paper talking about they go to Pillow Academy. Now that’s a disgrace,” Perkins said. “Do you think they really go to Pillow Academy? Do you think they’re out there off of 82? … They don’t go to Pillow Academy.”

Greenwood Commonwealth