GWC Slams Lynn Posey’s Support of Kemper ‘Boondoggle’

It’s no secret that Lynn Posey has been a staunch supporter of the biggest boondoggle in the history of Mississippi power generation — the “clean coal” plant in Kemper County.

He has been one of the votes on the state Public Service Commission on whom the plant’s owner, Mississippi Power Co., has been able to rely in proceeding to build the untested, over-budget and economically unjustifiable generating facility.

While Posey’s position has angered — or should — the 187,000 customers in South Mississippi who are paying for much of this $5 billion mistake, it apparently has won him some friends among those who do business with Mississippi Power. This week, several of them are helping to put on a pair of $200- to $1,000-a-head fundraisers for the incumbent Central District commissioner.

Greenwood Commonwealth