A Conversation With: Mike Chaney

What Will The Health Care Reform Bill Passed By Congress Mean For Mississippi?

While I do agree that we need health care reform, this bill is not the approach that best serves the interests of Mississippians. This is a massive and extremely complicated piece of legislation that adds another layer of reforms that do not address the core problem of affordability of health care.

I feel the bill complicates the issue with limited access to health care providers, lower quality of care and possible significant increases to prescription plans for Mississippians.

I would urge all Mississippi consumers to be patient as the department continues to wade through the legislation and determine its effects on the state.

Consumers should know that there will be no overnight actions. Also, one common misconception that needs to be cleared up is that the uninsured will now get free federally run health insurance.

This is not the case for most. The Mississippi Insurance Department staff believes that while the bill provides for subsidies to pay for insurance, the initial cost will be out-of-pocket.

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