Accountability for nonprofits

MISSISSIPPI Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann says he has pleased and displeased many inside and outside state government in pursuit of election law changes, 16th Section land reforms, securities law amendments and burial contracts regulation. Maybe that should be enough for a first term.

The Republican has already found another target – nonprofits. He says there are thousands registered in Mississippi and thousands more go on the rolls every year.

Hosemann, who has been an attorney for nearly three decades, says no one knows if all the groups are still nonprofit, but he intends to find out.

Hosemann said there are 38,000 nonprofits registered with his office, with the oldest listing dating back to the 1800s.

“I was astounded how far back the records go … especially since nonprofit laws didn’t happen until the 1990s,” said Mark McCrary, executive director of the Mississippi Center for Nonprofits, which lists about 500 members on its Web site.

Hattiesburg American