HA – D-Ward killed animal cruelty bill so he could write his own version for 2011

Hewes said he was disappointed about the situation.

“It’s ironic that we have a statute on the books creating a felony for the mistreatment of livestock but we don’t have anything for dogs and cats,” Hewes said.

Once the bill passed in the Senate, it was sent to the House where House Speaker Billy McCoy double-referred it to the Agriculture Committee and to the Judiciary B Committee.

The bill never left the Agriculture Committee.

MS-FACT members claimed on their site, ms-fact.org, that the Mississippi House Agriculture Committee Chairman Greg Ward, D-Ripley, killed the bill because he wanted to work on an animal cruelty bill personally.

Ward told The Hattiesburg American he believed SB 2623 was somewhat confusing, and he hoped to write a more clear and simple bill and introduce it in the 2011 legislative session.

Ward said he almost has the legislation written, and it will be concerned with only cats and dogs and no other animals.

Hattiesburg American