Pickering for state auditor

In the race for state auditor, we believe Republican Stacey Pickering should replace Phil Bryant.

This race is unusual in that it pits two candidates from the Pine Belt against each other for the statewide office. Pickering is from Soso in Jones County and Sumrall, a Democrat, is from Covington County.

Pickering, 39, who is currently serving in the Legislature and is director of public affairs for Howard Industries, has the political and legislative experience we think will be needed to run the office.

He has the chief executive officer training that the state auditor needs. He promises to be proactive and aggressive in training public officials at the county and municipal levels on how to properly maintain their financial books and follow state law. He said that kind of partnering could have helped avoid the financial troubles currently facing the Jefferson Davis County School Board, which improperly used 16th Section school land funds.

Hattiesburg American Editorial