HA – Who will run for governor in 2011? Bryant, Hood, Eaves etc …

The 2008 presidential election is behind us. We can see the 2009 municipal election in our rearview window. And we’ll face congressional elections next year.

So is it too early to start speculating about who will run for governor in 2011?

It’s never too early to talk politics.

Gov. Haley Barbour is prevented by the Mississippi Constitution from seeking a third term. While he has repeatedly denied any interest in running for president, he certainly has done a good bit of politicking in New Hampshire and Iowa under the guise of fundraising for the Republican Party and other candidates.

He may be testing the water for a 2012 campaign. And he’ll need to start getting some grassroots support and lining up money for a race.

But Barbour aside, let’s throw some names of possible successors against the wall and see if any of them stick.

Possible Successors

Many believe an obvious choice for a likely Republican candidate is Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant. He has been biding his time, building up his political stock and currying favor with party faithful.

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