Haley Barbour: Make the 2016 About Issues, Not Obama’s Personal Traits

The debate over President Barack Obama should concentrate on his policies, not his personal traits, former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, an ex-chairman for the Republican National Committee, said Sunday.

“We want to be talking about policy,” Barbour told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” ” We want to be talking about results. That’s our strength. That’s Obama’s weakness. His bad policies are producing bad results.”

Barbour said that during the weekend’s governor’s conference, Democratic governors were speaking about the “weakest recovery since World War II … we’re talking about the lack of confidence of the future of the country. That wasn’t the case ten years ago. It is the case now.”

And that is the issue where Republicans should be focused, “not on personal characteristics,” said Barbour, who chaired the RNC while Bill Clinton was president.

“We never talked about Clinton personally,” Barbour maintained. “We never talked about anything except Clinton’s policies.”