Governor Haley Barbour officially proclaimed “See You at the Pole” Day as the fourth Wednesday in September, which falls on September 26 this year.

“This proclamation recognizes the importance of allowing our students to come together in celebration of their faith and religious convictions,” Governor Barbour said. “As a Christian, I’m proud to set aside this special day of prayer and I look forward to standing with Mississippi students as they embrace their rights to engage in appropriate, religious activity on school grounds.”

Below is the full text of Governor Barbour’s “See You at the Pole” Day proclamation:

WHEREAS, the State of Mississippi recognizes the importance of constitutional, voluntary religious activities in Mississippi schools, such as See You at the Pole, a student-led, student-initiated movement of prayer that consists of students gathering around a school flagpole to pray together on the fourth Wednesday in September;

WHEREAS, the See You at the Pole movement, which was inspired by a youth group in Burleson, Texas, in early 1990, now spreads across the globe with more than 3 million students from all 50 states and over 20 countries participating in this challenge to pray for their schools, friends, leaders, and country;

WHEREAS, See You at the Pole is an exemplary organization that supports the right of students to gather and pray at school in a manner protected by the Constitution of the United States;

WHEREAS, the State of Mississippi commends the national and state Department of Education for its role in allowing religious expression on school grounds through gatherings such as See You at the Pole;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Haley Barbour, Governor of the State of Mississippi, hereby proclaim the fourth Wednesday in September as


in the State of Mississippi.

Governor Haley Barbour Press Release