Barbour asked if he will run for office again

“Some people think all African-Americans are left-wing liberals. There are a lot of African-American moderates in the U.S., including here in Mississippi, and to take the idea that anybody that agrees with me is a racist, or an Uncle Tom, everybody watching this knows that’s not true,” Barbour said. “Twenty-five percent of the black voters in Mississippi supported me for re-election. I am a conservative Republican and they supported me because they thought I was doing a good job. To say just because somebody disagrees with you, (that person) is some sort of bad person, is just wrong.”

Case asked Barbour who he thinks has be best chance of becoming the Republican presidential nominee in 2016.

“It’s just too early Bert. You can’t say that,” Barbour said.

“Do you have any real serious things you think about? That you wish you had done differently?” Case asked.

“Generally, there was not anything we would try to do differently,” Barbour said.

On the question of whether Barbour would ever serve in political office again, Barbour was blunt.

“Bert, I have had my last government job,” he said.

Barbour will turn 67 on Oct. 22.