A brief FAQ on Bentz and SMPDD

Since the news broke yesterday of Public Service Commissioner Leonard Bentz being named the new director of the Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District, I’ve received quite a few phone calls and emails asking a variety of questions.

With that in mind, here’s a brief FAQ about the matter.

How did the vote break down?

The final vote Wednesday was unanimous for Bentz, but it took two previous votes to get there. The first vote had all five finalists on the table, with three finalists receiving votes. Bentz led that vote against the two internal candidates who tied for second place.

Since Bentz did not receive a majority of the votes the first time, a second vote was held to break the tie for second. After that, the third vote was held, with Bentz unanimously hired as director.

How many people applied?

I’ve not received an official answer on that. I’ve heard between 200 and 350. Multiple sources say 350. To be safe, the answer is “hundreds.”

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