Brent Powell Sends (quiet) Message With Special Election Win

The Powell/Lum race — which also featured Republican Scot Allen and Independent Bennie Hubbard — got personal and dirty. A Powell supporter filed a residency challenge against Lum, news of which probably hurt him severely. Lum supporters charged Powell with not paying home owners association dues and having to be sued for restitution.

Turnout for the vote was extremely light. Less than 3,000 people went to the polls, and only a handful more than 1,500 gave Powell his victory. So while Powell’s win without a runoff sends a message, it’s still a quiet one.

At the end of the day, Powell’s win is as much about his deep roots in the reservoir community and his family’s decades of political activism as it is anything else. Lum couldn’t match that, and I don’t suspect anyone else will in the foreseeable future.

Rep. Brent Powell, R-Brandon, will likely enjoy his seat for as long as he so chooses.

Sam Hall
Clarion Ledger