Reservoir-area Likely To Keep Legislative Stroke With Any McGee Replacement

When Gov. Phil Bryant sets a special election to fill the vacated seat of former Rep. Kevin McGee, R-Brandon, it will be according to the old/existing legislative lines. Even though new legislative maps have been drawn and approved, they will not go into effect until the next legislative election cycle in 2015.

For McGee’s District 59, it wouldn’t matter much which district lines were chosen. The eventual winner likely will have to come from the reservoir-area of Rankin County, despite the current district including parts of the city of Brandon. However, it does raise an interesting question for future special elections and the candidates who will run.

Suppose that someone from Crossgates wanted to run for this seat and somehow won. Come 2015, they have to either move or be prepared to run against a fellow incumbent Republican legislator. Because under the new lines, Crossgates will not be in District 59.

Daily Ledes