Hampton – Democrats now have the focus in runoff

Republican gubernatorial nominee Phil Bryant coasted through his primary and has a little breathing room – actually more than a little breathing room – waiting for the Nov. 8 general election. He held a commanding lead in the primary race and starts out with one in the general election.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidates for governor Johnny DuPree and Bill Luckett have to keep hard at it in the hot Mississippi sun for another three weeks pushing toward an Aug. 23 runoff to determine who will carry the Democratic banner against Bryant.

Focus on Dems
Before the rise of Republican dominance in statewide politics, the second Democratic primary was the pivotal time that decided the governor. This year, it is a time for many Mississippians to get some focused exposure to these two candidates, who have been overshadowed in the primary by hotly contested, big- money Republican races that sucked up the air in an election that already seemed to have a distracted, uninterested electorate.

Clarion Ledger