PAUL HAMPTON: Just in the nick of time, Chris McDaniel rides in on a white horse

I know a lot of people who wish Chris McDaniel would just go away. I’m not among them.

Yes, McDaniel has given me another early birthday present: Another Chris McDaniel tour. And it’s no farewell tour.

He’s kicking off the United Conservatives Fund to — you guessed it, save the Republic. Now, I’m willing to concede the Republic could use a tweak or two. We could rein in the NSA and keep the government’s mitts off MY Internet, for example, but personally, I think the Republic is chugging along as the Founders intended, with rich white guys running the show.

McDaniel, though, still thinks he got mugged in the U.S. Senate election. And that’s cause for alarm…

…Maybe he can rent the University of Central Florida mascot in its offseason. The Knights would be a perfect symbol for a gentleman prone to tilting at windmills.