PAUL HAMPTON/CRAWDADDY: Gov. Bryant wrong again on immigrants from Syria

This year (Monday to be exact) he went on a rant on American Family Radio about the “left-leaning media” and its use of the World War II analogy to criticize Bryant’s policy on Syrian immigrants.

Unfortunately, Right Wing Watch was listening. Here’s part of what it heard:

“I’ve seen the left-leaning media use the Jewish population in World War II that were fleeing Nazi Germany as an example. Well, unless I missed my history lessons, the Jews coming out of Europe at that time were not blowing people up, they were not having terrorist attacks on innocent people throughout the world, they had not dedicated themselves to the destruction of America,” he told the radio network’s Today’s Issues program….

…Excuse me, I have to fetch a thank you note for the GOP for putting Phil under the tree for another Christmas.