Haley for president not a joke anymore

When the subject of Gov. Haley Barbour running for president came up at the governor’s holiday reception at the Mansion a couple of years ago, he sort of laughed it off.

He joked, something to the effect that fat boys from he South don’t get elected president. Northside Sun Publisher Wyatt Emmerich pressed him, saying he should run, seriously, really. We laughed and moved on.

No more. Barbour’s name is among the top Republican prospects. Barbour has been running around the country this past year using the Republican Governors Association chairmanship not only to elect Republicans, but also to refresh his power and reputation as a party leader. He has been successful in both.

If Not Haley, Who?

He now says he is talking to his wife about the possibility of running and he is waiting to see if there is “somebody who has a better chance of winning than I do.”