It’s time for voters to step up and do their job

Of course, in Mississippi, the statewide offices are political stepping stones in many cases. It’s great political sport.

I say these things not to criticize anyone who holds these offices; I am talking about the system. But if we are going to elect all of these officials, it puts greater importance on our responsibilities at the voting booth.

While people think electing all of these positions makes them more accountable, the opposite can be the result. They are accountable to no one – but voters every four years.

So, now the job is up to you to do some performance evaluations. It is a serious task. Don’t vote because you like the way someone looks or if he had a good fish fry. What kind of job have incumbent officials done? Do challengers communicate clear plans?

If you are unfortunate enough to live in a county that elects school superintendents, check the performance of your schools and especially check out candidates’ professional qualifications.

If we are going to elect all of these officials, do your job as their boss. Do your homework. Hold them accountable. You will be stuck with them for another four years, so get it right.

David Hampton