PAUL HAMPTON: GOP welcomes party switchers, unless they’re named Taylor

‘Ididn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me”

Sound familiar? It should. Ronald Reagan’s words from 1962 have been repeated enough, echoing especially loudly in the South where a thundering herd of Democrats have switched sides.

Just Thursday, the Mississippi GOP was loudly welcoming Lincoln County Supervisor Dudley Nations into the fold. The party says 60 elected officials have switched since 2009.

“I welcome Supervisor Dudley Nations to the Mississippi Republican Party, and I want to thank Lincoln County Chairman John Roberts and our other elected officials for making it happen,” said Chairman Joe Nosef. “This is more evidence to prove that in Mississippi you can either be a Democrat or a conservative but you can’t be both anymore.”

And Gov. Phil Bryant was just as effusive.

“I also welcome Supervisor Dudley Nations to the Republican Party and extend an invitation to anyone who is tired of the liberal overreach in Washington,” he said.

Unless you’re Gene Taylor. I don’t recall getting emails from the GOP when he switched earlier this year.