PAUL HAMPTON: Endorsements that make you scratch your head

So I wonder why Gov. Phil Bryant tromped into the briary thicket of the Biloxi mayor’s race. I live in next-door Gulfport, so I think it’s in my best interest that Biloxi voters elect a good mayor. What’s good for one is good for the other. I doubt the casual observer, though, could find the dividing line between the cities without a city limits sign.

But the governor lives in Jackson, so the proximity argument doesn’t wash. A little more than a week ago, in fact, the governor sounded as if he would do the right thing and stay out of it.

“I’m not a voter in Biloxi, so I’m going to let the Biloxi voters make that decision, but both gentlemen in the runoff are certainly capable of doing the job of mayor of Biloxi. A.J. Holloway has done a great job over the years. I’m very proud of where Biloxi has come. I’m sure the voters will make the right decision,” Bryant told WXXV’s Katarina Luketich.