PAUL HAMPTON: Gunn would have Legislature working like D.C.

House Speaker Philip Gunn got two things right when he spoke last week to a packed house at the Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce.

He was, as promised, very partisan and very blunt. As far as the promise of being “very candid?” That’s debatable. Actually, it’s not even debatable. He wasn’t.

He’s correct when he says the state is no longer relying on one-time money such as a BP settlement to pay for recurring expenses. And that’s commendable.

But when he equates a drop in unemployment rate with job creation, someone has to whistle a foul.

I’m mean, it’s practically codified in the GOP playbook that a drop in unemployment simply means the economy is so horrible that people have given up on looking for a job, in effect becoming invisible to those counting the unemployed.