Happy New Year, Mississippi!

2015 is here and promises to be another big year in Mississippi politics.

State, Legislative and County election qualifying begins in the next few days and this year’s Legislative session should be one to watch with that as a backdrop.

A few hot topics to keep an eye on in the year ahead:

– Ballot initiative 42 on MAEP – Will Democrats succeed in their effort to hide the ball on this issue and drive voter turnout or can Republicans expose the truth behind the initiative?

– Can Democrats field viable statewide challengers and will they make any real, tangible head way on their ultimate goal of 2015, that being reclaiming the majority in the state House of Representatives?

– Will Republicans continue their growing pains resulting in heated intra party challenges and hyped Tea Party angst or has the GOP grown past such after a contentious 2014?

– Will transparency rule the 2015 Legislative session given the recent scandals at MDOC and the questionable open meetings practices of Singing River Hospital or will education reforms, common core, MAEP and tax cuts grab the headlines?

Thanks for staying with us at Y’all Politics. We look forward to bringing you more of the headlines and up to date analysis right here in 2015 as you’ve come to expect over the years.