Dear Friend,

Questions surrounding security inadequacies that led to the tragic deaths of four American officials in Benghazi continue to raise concerns regarding the Obama administration’s handling of the terrorist attack.

Timelines and details about prior Libyan threats have produced serious doubts among lawmakers who believe the White House mismanaged the situation and has been engaging in a high level cover up. On November 2, 2012, I signed a letter with other members of Congress to the president and secretary of state requesting a “full and immediate” response to a series of questions regarding this catastrophic security failure.

“According to a detailed report from the U.S. Embassy in Libya’s Regional Security Office, there were over 230 security incidents in Libya, including no fewer than 48 security incidents in Benghazi, from June 2011 to July 2012,” the letter states. “These security incidents included attacks by militias and terror groups that grew into sophistication and coordination, including two bombings of the U.S. compound in Benghazi.”

Worries were confirmed by the ambassador in an August 2, 2012, cable, which noted that “the security condition in Libya remains unpredictable, volatile, and violent.” These fears followed the White House’s rejection of his July request for additional protective measures.

Perhaps most troubling is the fact that the dysfunctional Libyan government has been more truthful than our own about this calamity. The Obama administration’s refusal to admit that these attacks were deliberate and premeditated is evidence of a leadership failure.

Americans deserve answers, not election-year excuses. The executive branch must respond to the various congressional inquiries concerning this terrorist attack.

God bless,

Gregg Harper

Member of Congress