Miss.GOP lawmakers support ban on Syrian refugees

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, called for a “pause’’ in the resettlement program until there’s proof terrorists won’t use it to enter the country. He also set up a task force to craft a bill — which could be taken up this week — to halt the program in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday.

“Our citizens are concerned about the threat posed by inadequate security screening procedures for refugees seeking entry into the United States,’’ said U.S. Rep. Gregg Harper, a Republican. “ISIS itself has stated its intention to take advantage of the crisis to infiltrate the west. With this knowledge, we absolutely must take this threat seriously.’’…

…U.S. Rep. Trent Kelly, a Republican, said he supports Bryant’s position.

“America is a welcoming nation, but we cannot allow Islamic extremists to take advantage of our compassion and use our own policies to infiltrate our country and harm innocent Americans,” he said.