BOBBY HARRISON: Tuck weighs options as 2011 political speculation builds

Tuck, who currently is serving as an administrator at Mississippi State University, is a natural campaigner who has strong grassroots support.

Most believe she would do well in a November general election, but not in a smaller Republican Party primary.

Most believe the more crowded the field, the better chance she has of winning a party primary. On the other hand, most believe she would have difficulty winning in a smaller primary where she would be forced to go head to head against Bryant or Dennis – both with strong credentials among the Republican Party faithful.

Tuck started her career as a Democrat. She served in the state Senate as a Democrat and lost a close Democratic primary to Eric Clark for secretary of state in 1995. She was selected by newly elected Lt. Gov. Ronnie Musgrove to serve as secretary of the Senate after that loss.

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