BOBBY HARRISON: Cochran for the first time must deal with negatives

Because of this, Cochran for the first time in his long and iconic political career is perceived by some as being a negative campaigner. He has had the luxury in the past because of the good will he has built through the years of not having to engage to any extent in negative campaigning.

He has not had to get his hands dirty. The perception is that with the aid of former Gov. Haley Barbour and his nephews – Henry and Austin – who are working to help Cochran win re-election, he got his hands dirty in the Republican primary. Will he again in November?

Thad Cochran has been and is viewed as a heavy favorite to win re-election to a seventh term in the U.S. Senate.

But there is no doubt the bruising and unusual nature of the Republican primary and the attacks that continue from fellow Republicans have created some interesting dynamics. Childers is able to sit back and watch Cochran be hammered as an electoral thief, and he can rightfully say he has nothing to do with those charges.

The question is can Childers give people a reason to vote for him during a time frame when some doubts have been created with some of the electorate about Cochran? Childers has a limited amount of time, during this vulnerable period for Cochran, to establish himself as a legitimate candidate – one to be taken seriously.

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