BOBBY HARRISON: Mississippi’s forgiveness doesn’t extend to restoring major felons’ voting rights

During his final days in office in early 2012, former Gov. Haley Barbour came under immense criticism for issuing more than 200 pardons – some for heinous murders.

After remaining silent over the controversial pardons for sometimes, the conservative Republican said he granted the pardons because he believed in the Christian principles of redemption and forgiveness.

“Christianity teaches us forgiveness and second chances. I believe in second chances, and I try hard to be forgiving,” he said during a news conference after his actions became a national story a few days after he left office…

…More than likely, though, it is an issue that will not engender a politician much support in a conservative, law and order state like Mississippi. In other words, the chances of the law being changed in the foreseeable future seem remote.

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