BOBBY HARRISON: Debate about result of formula might be fruitless

But Reeves and Gunn say to make any comparisons related to the EdBuild recommendations is fruitless. The only thing that actually matters is what the Legislature ultimately decides to do.

They are, of course, right. But the fact the leadership has yet to reveal its ultimate plans, results in people – namely Jeff Amy – making the comparisons using the recommendations that the legislative leadership paid EdBuild $100,000 to make. It seems like a reasonable thing for an enterprising reporter to do.

The only fact that seems clear at this point is thatlegislative leaders want to move away from a process where they have a formula hanging over their heads saying they are supposed to provide a certain amount of money for public education.

Respectfully, I would, as I stated earlier this year, bet dollars to doughnuts that the changes would include removing the words “shall fully fund” from state law and removing the requirement that the formula be adjusted for inflation.

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