BOBBY HARRISON: Mississippi still faces the choice of a lottery, or not

Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood might have signaled what could be a key plank in his platform should he run for governor in 2019 as many anticipate he will.

Sure, it is a bit early to be talking about who might run for governor in 2019, but Democrats are flipping for joy over the possibility that Hood might enter the race. He is considered by far the best candidate for an otherwise weakened state Democratic Party.

Presumably, he would face Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves in the general election, although it is likely Reeves would face a tough primary challenge before the general election.

At the Neshoba County Fair late last month as Hood gave what has become a standard speech for him bemoaning the budget cuts various state agencies are absorbing while legislators give tax breaks primarily to large corporations, he mentioned for the first time a lottery would be an easy source of revenue to offset declining state tax collections. It has been estimated a statewide lottery would generate $160 million annually.

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