BOBBY HARRISON: MEC has supported tax cuts, tax increases

The MEC has for more than a year advocated for a new revenue stream for a major program to repair the transportation system. While the MEC has not specifically identified a source of revenue for its proposal to spend an additional $375 million per year on infrastructure, the most talked about funding source is an increase in the tax on gasoline.

Mississippi’s 18.4-cent per gallon tax on gasoline is one of the lowest in the nation. The MEC has made it obvious it would support increasing it.

It should be pointed out that in recent years, the MEC, the state’s chamber of commerce, also has advocated for cutting taxes – primarily for businesses.

The MEC‘s supported reduction in the tax on inventory paid by businesses is taking an estimated $125 million out of the general fund. Plus, the MEC strongly backed legislation that passed that changed the method of collecting taxes on business, costing the state general fund another estimated $100 million.

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